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SAP Data Quality​

Efficient use of SAP ADP, SAP IS and SAP DS​

Analyzing and enriching data, determining the status quo and migrating data from one system to another can become a major challenge, especially when the data landscape has grown steadily and a large amount of data is involved. With the help of SAP tools such as SAP ADP, SAP IS and SAP DS, our many years of experience and various in-house developments, we can solve these problems quickly and efficiently individualized for your organization, together. ​

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How we help clients

Agile data preparation​

  • Optimization and continuous improvement of your data quality​
  • System-wide visibility and continuous management of data quality problems​
  • Front-end for editing data​

Information steward​

  • Monitoring and improving data quality in the company​
  • Optimized data analysis by means of analysis rules and individual reporting​
  • Increased understanding and overview through data profiling and metadata management​

Data services​

  • Seamless data transfer to new business systems without interfering in ongoing processes​
  • Extracting, transforming and loading data into and out of systems from a wide range of manufacturer-independent sources​
  • Analysis of data and data quality​

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Why Camelot

Camelot is one of the leading consulting firms in the area of master data preparation and migration. Thanks to our many years of experience and countless successful projects, our customers can be sure that their project will also be implemented successfully and according to requirements.​

Standardized migration procedure​

Benefit from risk reduction as well as cost and time savings through proven and standardized procedures​ by our experienced teams.

Business rules​

A set of best practice rules for data validation, built up over many years, provides quick insight into typical problems in the field of master data.

Experience in the field of master data​

Our steadily growing customer base is constantly presenting us with new challenges, which is why we are well prepared for projects of all kinds​.

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Thomas Jung

Head of Data Transition Management

Trusted Advisor for Master Data Management, Data Quality Management and Data Transformation with a very profound knowledge of the current market and the business solutions behind it.

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