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SAP Cloud Platform

Extending SAP Cloud Products​

SAP software is widely used because of its ability to serve the individual requirements and business processes of many different industries. However, most companies will extend the SAP standard to improve the integration into internal processes. The SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) offers a private or public space to do the same for SAP cloud products.

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How we help clients

SCP introduction training​

  • Initial setup of SCP, including secure connectivity to on-premise systems and initial service configuration​
  • Introduction into cloud application development using SCP (both Neo and Cloud Foundry)​
  • Hands-on training based on real use-cases

App development​

  • Initial workshop on extension requirements and SCP services
  • Joint development of full-stack application, code review and pair programming for know-how build-up of staff​
  • Implementation of SCP-specific DevOps best practices​

Camelot solutions​

  • Implementation of Camelot solutions on public or private SCP
  • One example being our solution Camelot Segment & Strategize​
  • Further examples can be found in our Camelot solution portfolio

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Why Camelot

Both the implementation of SAP cloud-based products and the development of user-specific extensions are the core business of Camelot ITLab. With the growing number of SAP solutions that are offered in the cloud, this focus is increasing even more.

First-hand experience​

Multiple Camelot solutions, such as DDMRP for SAP IBP, and Segment & Strategize, are being developed and deployed on the SAP Cloud Platform. ​

Cloud vision​

Camelot shares SAP’s vision which highlights the importance of cloud solutions in the IT landscape of the future. Therefore, the SCP is a foundation for our innovation.​

Best practices​

Camelot is both providing cloud product and specialized on working in validated . This results in very high standards for testing, security and quality.​

Further Services and Solutions


Camelot Segment & Strategize

The operational management of big Supply Chains involves a lot of repetitive decisions. Why can’t this be done automated? With Camelot Segment & Strategize, it can.


Demand-Driven Replenishment (DDR)

For smarter Supply Chain Planning: Demand-Driven Replenishment is the newest module available within SAP Integrated Business Planning, co-developed by Camelot ITLab and SAP.



The increased use of Advanced Analytics, Process Automation and Internet of Things has fundamentally changed the requirements on data storage and processing. SAP’s in-memory database SAP HANA is up to the challenge. It is used as a foundation for many solutions, both in the Cloud and on-premise.


Lars Berneburg

Head of Sales Cloud & IT-as-a-Service

Your point of contact for cloud transformation requests and IaaS, including blockchain based closed-loop supply chain solutions.

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