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Camelot Get Clean Solution

A Tool Supported Approach to Best-in-Class Master Data Quality

Digitalization is a major topic right now, although not finally adopted within all industries, there’s no better time than now to get your data management ready for transformation!​ A key component of data management and an indispensable necessity for process automation is a high level of master data quality.

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The right steps to leverage your data quality ​

With the Camelot Get Clean platform we support end-to-end migration processes with a fully integrated approach, regardless of if you are doing a new system implementation, getting through a merger and acquisitions process (M&A) or want to strengthen your data quality.​

The Camelot Get Clean Solution includes consistent validation checks via full integration of SAP standard and MDG custom rulesets as well as standardization and harmonization of data through easy adaptable transformation and matching rules. We offer a centralized workspace for consolidated migration activities supported by workflows and for simple stakeholder involvement.​

Why Camelot Get Clean Solution?

Integrated Master Data Quality approach​

​Fully integrated solution for Data Quality measurement, cleansing, and migration​

Ready-to-adapt solution​

Flexible template for a holistic Data Quality solution for most common master data objects​

​Analytics for Data Quality reporting​

Integration of advanced analytics algorithms such as Artificial Intelligence (AI)​

State-of-the-art technology ​

High master data quality by leveraging and adapting state-of-the-art SAP technology​

Why Camelot

The Camelot Get Clean approach gives your data cleansing and migration journey a push. Less manual effort and time commitment, improved data quality, and a greater user experience for business users involved during the cleansing process are key to achieve the goal of high-quality data loaded to your new system, in time, in quality, and in budget.​

Effort reduction

Less effort of manual data cleansing through high automation level​

Intelligent system​

Usage of AI technology and available webservices to improve data quality

Guided cleansing​

The business user is guided through the cleansing of the bad data system wise​

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Thomas Jung

Head of Data Transition Management

Expert for Master Data Management, Data Quality Management and Data Transformation with a very profound knowledge of the current market and the business solutions behind it.

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