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Supply Chain Management

There is more and more pressure on companies to drive down costs, strengthen their innovative abilities, quickly and reliably serve their customers, and swiftly respond to ever-more frequent changes in the global market. The key to meeting these demands is to implement an efficient and digitized supply chain management (SCM) system, which has become a critical competitive factor.

Digitized supply chains have the potential to accelerate production and logistics processes, reduce lead times, and to drastically increase business flexibility. This creates a level of agility and transparency in the supply chain that allows companies to respond to changing demands in volatile markets in real-time.

We are committed to helping our customers make the transition to a digitized supply chain.

The seasoned IT experts working at Camelot ITLab have extensive expertise in the implementation and optimization of SCM solutions. Our consulting services are process-driven and our development focuses on the needs of the customer. Benefit from solutions that are tailored to your specific needs, allow you to invest with confidence, and deliver a rapid return on investment.

End-to-end approach

Our affiliate CAMELOT Management Consultants offers concepts, methods and solutions that prepare your supply chain management organization for future developments and sustainable improvement.

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For Clariant we developed an SCM dashboard to provide planners with an at-a-glance view of relevant KPIs. This gave Clariant better supply chain visibility and the ability to respond faster to changes in the market.

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