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SAP Cloud Platform, integration service

SAP Cloud Platform, integration service (formerly known as SAP Cloud Integration) is SAP’s Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS). It combines the classical process integration approach with cloud integration scenarios.
It can be understood as ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) in the cloud and offers two distinct feature sets:

  • Process Integration:
    Connectivity features across on-demand and on-premise solutions and joins them together through its real-time process integration capabilities.
  • Data Services:
    A data integration part that allows efficient and secure usage of ETL tasks to move data between on-premise systems and the cloud.

In addition to these two different integration flavors SAP is offering prepackaged integration content as reference templates that allows customers to quickly realize new business scenarios.

This reduces integration project lead times and decreases resource consumption significantly.

SAP Cloud Platform, integration service is not part of the standard SAP Cloud Platform services as the name may be suggestive of.

It can be used additionally to SAP Cloud Platform accounts but also standalone, e.g. to support in hybrid cloud landscapes or orchestrating SAP (on-premise and on-demand) and 3rd party (on-premise and on-demand) systems.

SAP’s Cloud Platform, integration service on-demand offering is capable to orchestrate SAP (on-premise and on-demand) and non-SAP systems through the cloud. It helps companies to consolidate both their business processes and data in a trustworthy and secure cloud environment. It comes with powerful web- and eclipse based modelling tools supporting experts and users to create or customize bidirectional integration scenarios.

Integration topics are traditionally one of the cornerstones of our consulting business. We can draw from a rich set of project experiences with regards to integration efforts, especially in the areas of Master Data Management and Supply Chain Management


Holger Reimer

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