SAP Transportation Management

Up to 50% of overall costs go to transportation alone, making it a major cost driver in the supply chain. This prompts companies to strive for maximum capacity at minimum expense while increasing the quality of their services.

SAP Transportation Management (SAP TM) is an SAP software solution designed to address these challenges and help companies significantly reduce the complexity of their transportation management and integrate their business and logistics processes. SAP TM helps them enter their orders, plan capacities and requirements, plan and optimize freight movements, request tenders, and perform freight settlements. What’s more, SAP TM also comes with a collaboration portal that brings companies together with their customers and partners.

SAP Transportation Management (SAP TM) helps you leverage the latest in technology to streamline your logistics processes and enhance their efficiency. You can cut costs while simultaneously improving the quality of your services and your on-time performance. It integrates cross-system processes to deliver insightful end-to-end cost and performance analytics and make your plans a reality. Empower your business to gain the competitive edge.


Camelot TM Extensions

The Camelot Transportation Management enhancement to SAP Lumira enables you to visualize the routes traveled (e.g. by air, sea, or land) based on detailed maps and to graphically highlight their frequency.

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