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SAP Master Data Governance for the Retail and Fashion industry

Managing article master data in the Retail and Fashion industry is an extremely challenging topic. The high frequency of changes and the need of a seamless integration of various external data feeds in combination with the increasing need for more master data details are the challenges every master data department in these businesses has to face.

Especially for retailers – where the suppliers are quite often in a powerful position and therefore able to define the rules – it’s extremely important to have a tool which is supporting the users by offering possibilities to automate the maintenance processes and therefore reducing the error rate. This applies in particular to the article master, as incorrect master data can have a tremendous impact on the entire supply chain. Particularly in the pharmaceutical industry, changing regulations are forcing retailers to react faster to changing requirements.

In addition to the system related challenges most of the companies are still not having a clearly defined governance process with clear ownerships and a high level of transparency in each step of the article lifecycle.

SAP Retail and Fashion Management extension by Utopia™ (MDG-RFM) is addressing the above challenges by providing retailers with a comprehensive master data toolset. Preconfigured data structures, best practices, predefined workflows and user interfaces are tailored to the retail industry. Above all, SAP MDG-RFM stands out by the fact that it is compatible and integrated into your SAP IS-Retail solution and can reuse all the existing checks, validations and data structures.

Camelot ITLab is the expert in SAP MDG and implements a MDG-RFM solution tailored to your company and your business requirements, so as to offer you a user-friendly MDG tool to maintain your article master data.

Features of the SAP MDG-RFM solution:

  • S/4HANA enabled
  • Comprehensive data model (incl. Merchandising Category, Article Hierarchy)
  • Support of Single & Generic Articles , Characteristics and Reference Article Handling
  • Mass change capability of the Article Master on all fields
  • Comprehensive article search capabilities (Attribute Search & Fuzzy) and Duplicate Check Capabilities
  • Integration to external data pools (GDSN)
  • Predefined Governance Workflow

Benefits of the SAP MDG-RFM solution:

  • Reduction of the overall maintenance effort by supporting value and key-mapping (maintain once – use everywhere)
  • Reduction of the complexity for the users as the user interface can be tailored to the needs
  • Early identification of defects in a decoupled but integrated environment as MDG has its own persistence
  • Flexible workflow capabilities using a rule-based workflow
  • Reduction of cost by eliminating redundant effort to maintain master data
  • Full transparency of who has changed what, when & why

Our experts are always happy to help. Just leave us a note and we will reach out to you.

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