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SAP MDG for Materials (MDG-M)

Maintenance processes for material master data are highly complex. From general information relating to plant, storage location and batch-specific data, through to price control and consumption data, countless data fields must be created and maintained for material master data. Access to these master data is required not only by purchasing and sales, but also, for example, by the accounting, warehouse management, QM and materials planning departments.

On account of inadequate and error-prone handling, many companies have moved away from manual workflow steps between the parties involved towards an IT-assisted, automated record entry and maintenance system. However, in the area of material master data a highly heterogeneous system landscape slows down business processes and makes it prone to errors. Consequently, a targeted, comprehensive and transparent master data solution is essential in order to permanently stabilize and speed up your processes based on the materials master data.

SAP MDG-M offers such a facility for permitting the comprehensive, standardized, efficient control of master data in the materials area. The central management of a whole array of different materials is possible; the maintenance processes are based on an automated contribution and approval process. Above all, SAP MDG-M stands out by the fact that it is compatible and integrated into your SAP ERP and can reuse all the existing checks, validations and data structures.

Camelot ITLab is the expert in SAP MDG and has proven this in many successful projects. In consultation with you, Camelot ITLab develops and implements a MDG-M solution tailored to your company and your business requirements, so as to offer you a user-friendly MDG tool to maintain your materials and standardize master data in order to establish a higher master data quality and though this a higher process stability and an explanatory power of master data based Reports and Analysis.

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