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SAP Lumira

SAP Lumira is a solution to meet the self-service BI requirements of companies. Its unique approach enables them to analyze and visualize key business metrics in close to no time. They can combine data from enterprise and personal sources without having to turn to the IT department for help. Users can access the datasets and storyboards created with SAP Lumira through the desktop client, their web browser, or on their mobile devices. You can create geography and time hierarchies to automatically enrich your datasets and conveniently visualize data on Geo Maps. Access rights can be specified or inherited from the source systems to protect the integrity of the data.

The versions currently available are SAP Lumira Edge Edition for small teams, departments, or small and medium businesses and SAP Lumira Server Edition for teams or the entire organization. They are both complemented by the SAP BO Lumira desktop client that allows for local analytics and the creation of storyboards.

The SAP Lumira Server is an add-on to the SAP BusinessObjects BI platform. This allows for the real-time processing of large volumes of data with SAP Lumira Server.

SAP will start to market SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio as SAP Lumira Studio to bring app development and the self-service BI closer together.

Business intelligence reports tend to be static and inflexible and can take a long time to be delivered. And this is where the advantages of SAP Lumira come into play: Teams and user departments can compile their own reports from a variety of data sources at exactly the time they need them. SAP Lumira allows you to share insights and analyses with team members who can then collaborate using their desktop computers or mobile devices. SAP Lumira delivers information in the form of storyboards, interactive maps, and infographics.

Camelot’s IT consultants will work with you to implement SAP Lumira in your company and help you make the most of it.


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Starterkit SAP Lumira

Companies that want to reap the benefits of SAP Lumira right away should bring in outside support and expertise. And Camelot ITLab’s SAP Lumira Starter Kit is exactly what they need.

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