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Monitoring business processes does not necessarily require strategic reporting based on a data warehouse. To support their decision making, business departments need to be able to access real-time performance indicators without having to go through the hassles of information processing – with operational reporting. Today’s modern hardware and high-performance databases enable them to meet these additional requirements. Operational reporting provides a means to analyze data exactly where it resides. The ability to calculate and display performance indicators directly in the system – for example in SAP ERP – reduces the workload on the data warehouse. With HANA Live, SAP has created a solution that allows you to unleash the full potential of operational reporting by using pre-defined content in SAP Business Suite on HANA.

SAP HANA Live combines the superior performance of SAP HANA with pre-configured content that calculates the most relevant SAP Business Suite performance indicators directly on the basis of transactional data. The calculations, data access, and the SAP HANA Live application itself are executed on the database only. This delivers exceptional performance without straining the resources of the application servers.

The reporting in SAP HANA Live uses a Fiori user interface. Fiori is based on SAPUI5 and provides modern user interfaces across a variety of devices. With HANA Live, users can conveniently access information relevant to their role through their browsers or through BI clients such as SAP Design Studio or SAP Lumira.

The predefined content in SAP HANA Live is based on the standard SAP data model of SAP Business Suite. The development of HANA Live developments makes it possible to also include data from customer enhancements to SAP Business Suite in your operational reporting.

Camelot ITLab has extensive expertise in operational reporting. The company has repeatedly published its experience gained from operational reporting projects with HANA Live and Embedded Analytics.


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