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CAMELOT’s growth strategy banks on international talent pools

Bulgarian IT specialist consulting is helping meet the high need for IT talent in Germany

Mannheim, Sofia, April 5, 2018 – The CAMELOT Consulting Group is getting reinforcements from the Bulgarian IT consulting company IBsolution Bulgaria. The Bulgarian IT specialists, who will now be on the market under the brand name Camelot ITLab Bulgaria, support the consulting and innovation projects of the CAMELOT Group, above all in the area of Enterprise Information Management.

“The CAMELOT Group is growing quickly. There are 250 open positions in the German-speaking region alone. Since this high demand for IT specialists cannot be covered locally, we need to tap into new talent pools beyond our national borders,” explains Dr. Josef Packowski, CEO of the CAMELOT Consulting Group, when discussing the reasons for expanding to Bulgaria. Camelot ITLab Bulgaria has its main office in Sofia and is an optimal addition to the service portfolio of the CAMELOT Group. Especially where Enterprise Information Management is concerned, the Bulgarian experts have extensive expertise. Furthermore, Camelot ITLab Bulgaria develops its own digital innovations and solutions, which generate additional commercial value for CAMELOT customers.

“With Camelot ITLab Bulgaria, we are not only expanding our global market presence, we are also strengthening our core consulting areas, such as SAP Master Data Governance, with expertise in new, innovative SAP solutions,” observes Holger Reimer, Managing Partner of Camelot ITLab GmbH. “In addition, we are accelerating our innovation so we can live up to our role as digital frontrunners in the future as well,” Holger Reimer continues.


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