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Camelot Authors Publish Standard Work on Blockchain in SAP

Pioneers in blockchain technology share field-tested expertise

Mannheim, 10 March 2020 – Experts from Camelot Innovative Technologies Lab (Camelot ITLab) have published the first comprehensive standard work on “Blockchain mit SAP” (Blockchain with SAP), which appears in Rheinwerk Verlag’s specialist SAP PRESS series. The book lays out the foundations for developing blockchain applications in the SAP environment. It discusses concrete scenarios, solutions and examples, which help companies to utilize the innovative technology for themselves.

In around 500 pages, the work presents various application scenarios as well as pilot projects, and that way demonstrates the enormous potential of enterprise blockchains in a corporate context. Few experts today are familiar with the operating principles of the underlying IT architectures, which is why the pioneers at Camelot ITLab have chosen application-based examples and guides, which are geared towards programmers and interested business decision-makers.

“We are proud to have taken on such a pioneering role in the blockchain sector. The technology has enormous potential for all applications relating to the tamper-proof transfer of information – an important foundation for processes in supply chain management and logistics in an age of global supply chains,” commented Steffen Joswig, Managing Partner at Camelot ITLab.

The book pools practical knowledge gleaned from projects with large companies from the pharmaceutical and telecommunication sectors. As an example, together with SAP and Deutsche Telekom, Camelot ITLab implemented a blockchain pilot project to counteract the theft of smartphones. These and other projects are also based on the Hypertrust Platform developed by Camelot ITLab, whose architecture is explained in its own chapter.

The standard work “Blockchain mit SAP” (Blockchain with SAP) has been published by Rheinwerk Verlag as part of the specialist SAP PRESS series and is available for EUR 79.90 directly from the publisher and from book stores (ISBN 978-3-8362-6914-8). An e-book version is available as well as a book/e-book bundle.

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