Webinar: Camelot Segment & Strategize: Automate your business with data-driven decisions

In a modern value chain, countless operational, data-driven decisions are made every day. But data changes faster than humans can react. Camelot Segment & Strategize helps companies to automate, monitor, and improve these decisions – using a powerful and highly customizable segmentation engine. Be ready for the next level of business process automation, helping your company to become more efficient in these uncertain times.

Camelot Segment & Strategize is a microservice cloud solution that addresses the need for continuous segmentation and configuration approach as the basis for Supply Chain Planning and Execution. It focuses on the five core processes: extracting data, calculating segmentation criteria, segment, strategize and returning the results.

In this webinar, we will discuss the following topics:

  • how Segment & Strategize can help to increase planning efficiency
  • how the solution can maximize the potential of data-driven decisions as key value drivers

Join us on 7th May 2020 from 4.00 to 5.00 PM and take the opportunity to exchange ideas. Don’t hesitate to prepare and ask your questions. We will hold a Q&A round at the end of the webinar.

This event is free of charge for you.

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This webinar is part of a webinar series of the “Global Community for Artificial Intelligence in MDM“. In times of COVID-19 we decided to open the community events also to industry representatives who are not part of the community yet. We want to give all domain experts access to this platform of exchange and knowledge to help them better steer their companies through the crisis.