Efficiency for your Supply Chain Planning Processes with Integrated Business Planning (IBP)

Executive Insights: Extending SAP IBP standards to successfully implement SAP IBP for Integrated Business Planning into your organization

How do you increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your increasingly complex supply chain? Today’s supply chains are more volatile and uncertain than before. Counter-measures are required to remain competitive.

Therefore Camelot has developed a unique solution by delivering effective Integrated Business Planning (IBP) based on SAP IBP.

Join our free webinar and get the latest executive view on Thursday, 3rd May 2017 at 4 pm (CET) and learn more about:

  • IBP and how you can improve your supply chain planning processes in today’s complex and volatile world
  • How you can accelerate your planning processes through financial integration and reconciliation of plans, and using ad-hoc reports for decision making
  • How your journey towards highest IBP maturity can look like

Benefit from Camelot´s expertise and best-practise knowledge and learn how you can improve IBP in your company leveraging the benefits of SAP IBP.

We are looking forward to have you with us!


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Jana Faulhammer
Jana Faulhammer
Sales Assistant