Congrés Fapics, Lyon, 6-7 Jul 2017

Fapics is the French association of Supply Chain Management. Fapics promote international best practices in the area of SCM operating in a close coordination with a network of international institutes, consulting firms, software designers, chambers of commerce and with innovative educational tools like serious games.

This year Demand Driven World, powered by Demand Driven Institute (DDI), has been invited as a special guest to join this event. The method Demand-Driven Material Requirement Planning (DDMRP) will thus be in the spotlight.

The conference will take place from July 5 in the afternoon to July 7 in France, Lyon. On the first day some illuminating DDMRP case studies from all around the world, such as Louis Vuitton or British Telecom, are presented.
Then on July 6 Dick Ling from DDI will open the conference with his key note “S&OP – Back to the future” and reports about the latest demand driven innovations from all over the world.
On the last day of the conference Dick Ling and Carol Ptak will present on the Adaptive S&OP process. In addition the event is complemented with numerous distinguished speakers.

We are very excited to announce that Dr. Josef Packowski, CEO of Camelot Group, will be joining FAPICS Annual Conference personally as a speaker. He will be talking about “Demand Driven SCM for SAP – a step change in implementing the Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise Model”. For the Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise world, Camelot ITLab provides a unique end-to-end portfolio of services from strategy development to system implementation, including DDMRP compliant and SAP certified software solutions. Click here to read more about the Camelot Demand-Driven LEAN Planning Suite for SAP.

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More information about the FAPICS Annual Conference can be found here.