Even in times of the ongoing digital transformation of business, many HR departments are still communicating with employees through written communications. But times have changed and so have the staff and their habits. Many employees request rapid access to their data including HR processes.

Digital transformation of SAP HR processes


The Camelot Apps for HR offer a seamless integration of your HR processes. No matter which HR processes are relevant for your company or which user groups are involved, we guarantee simple and intuitive solutions for all users.

Our service portfolio

Camelot ITLab provides a full service offering to speed up your implementation by sharing what we’ve learned in numerous customer projects.


We help you to digitalize your HR processes. With an initial assessment, we evaluate your current digital maturity within your HR processes. Hereafter a digitalization strategy using mobile solutions is developed, including the design and integration of analogue processes.
Examples: entry new employee, employee exit, amendment of employment contracts


We provide you with mobile applications that fit your needs and reflect your current usage of HR processes and tasks. Using our design thinking approach, we put user-centricity first to achieve simplification and easily accessible applications for your employees and management via mobile devices.
Examples: employee profile, time (clock-in and clock-out) and activity recording, leave requests, travel expenses, statements (taxes, earnings, etc.), substitution management, child care allowance, team calendar


We support your tool selection process and fitness of infrastructure, whether you want to use cloud, on premise or hybrid solutions. Through our technology preview approach, we enable early insights into the development, ensuring the fitness for purpose. Additionally through implementation coaching, integrating your IT personnel into the project, we ensure the sustainability of your system.

"With mobile solutions in HR you can digitalize your processes giving you lean and efficient processes. Easy access and usage are additional benefits for your employees and managers.“
Denis Schrodt, Head of User Experience and Mobility, Camelot ITLab

Camelot HR Apps

Camelot HR Apps provide process support, ease of use, and immediate business benefits. They empower your organization to drive digital transformation and be prepared for the future by achieving more efficiency in the day-to-day tasks of employees and managers.

Manage your times at one click with Camelot’s myTimes . Get an overview of all of your team members and manage them with Camelot’s myTeam. Generate and print any type of HR statement with only a few clicks with Camelot’s myStatements

More details on some selected examples for Camelot HR Apps:


Manage your times at one click (clock-in, clock-out and breaks), see your time balance for the previous and current month as well as for the total year, and modify time events up to the last three months.


  • Integrated with SAP HCM
  • Multiple clock-in, clock-out pairs per day incl. total break
  • Individual calendar view
  • Validation rules included to avoid mistakes
  • Optimized mobile features like time picker
  • Automatic approval of time events
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As a manager, you can view your team along with any employees from active substitutions including detailed information on absences. As an employee, you can view your colleagues with anonymized records of absences.


  • Simple and concise team views for employees and managers
  • Highlighting of potential overlaps
  • Built-in planning functions (e.g. absences)
  • Various view modes: hourly, daily, weekly or monthly
  • Additional views for managers: My Colleagues, My Employees, Substitutions
  • As an employee: view anonymized records of colleague absences
  • As a manager: get a detailed view of team absences
  • As a manager: directly view employee details and jump to employee profiles
  • As a manager: directly approve absence requests
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Use it to create and print your HR statements. You can generate income tax statements, earnings statements, employment statements, statements of confirmation for DEUEV notifications, time statements, remuneration statements, and many more.


  • Create and print income tax statements for the year. Select calendar years from the time the employee joined the company
  • Create and print the statements of confirmation for DEUEV notifications. Select calendar years from the time the employee joined the company
  • Create and print current employment statements and earnings statements
  • Create and print monthly remuneration statements
  • Create and print time statements for any given period
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“We wanted a timesheet application that was simple enough to allow me to record times while riding my bike at 25 miles an hour … and Camelot came through!”
Oliver Veth, Head of SAP Coordination, ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE

ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE

With the introduction of SAP Fiori UX, ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE completely reinvented the user experience that guidesemployees and managers through their daily work. ProSiebenSat.1 is now able to access its core HR processes regardless of channel or device used. The barriers that used to complicate work for managers and employees are gone.


Read success story

Tamedia AG

The implementation of Tamedia’s “My Services” platform presents a huge step for Tamedia on their digital transformation journey. It combines a variety of HR applications ready to be used for mobile devices as well. Applications for time events, travel expenses, employee profiles and much more will be provided both for employees and managers – both internally and externally. This platform digitalizes also HR administrative processes and is integrated with Microsoft Azure, providing more data security with two-factor authentication.

"From mobile strategy to architecture concepts to implementation - we were impressed by Camelot's end-to-end competencies."
Andreas Böttcher, IT and Business Application Manager, Tamedia AG


Denis Schrodt
Denis Schrodt
Head of User Experience and Mobility