COVID-19 regulations are highly impacting distribution, thereby significantly increasing the operational complexity. Our COVID-19 Impact Analyzer for Logistics Distribution is intended to support logistical decision making by automatically applying up to date COVID-19 regulations per country to actual distributional flows, providing detailed stress test, costs analytics and a scenario optimizer. Changing restrictions are thereby fully integrated, enabling a more reliable distribution at lower costs within the regulatory framework.

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How does the Analyzer help to ease distribution planning?

  • Currently, many companies are in the middle of extraordinary coronavirus meetings and struggling to make data-driven decisions responding to this crisis.
  • Instead of time-intensive interviewing and manually adjusting plans, our analyzer can quickly enrich distribution data with up-to-date fact-based COVID-19 implications, thereby adjusting distribution parameters such as raw material prices, transport times and transport costs.
  • An impact dashboard provides a solid foundation for risk mitigation management. This will help companies to respond to the daily changing situations and reduce trouble shooting.

How does the Analyzer work?

  • It´s a ready to test plug-and-play demo solution based on machine learning as well as open-source COVID-19 data bases
  • Users get access to an exemplary distribution model and its key characteristics in terms of margins, service level fulfillment and capacity utilization

The user can select the desired areas of disruption and simulate the effects on the distribution:

  • Overall margin impact as well as detailed margin cockpit per selected plant-customer-material combination
  • Impact on service level, delivery lead time and distribution routes
  • Distribution cost structure including up to date COVID-19 impacts
  • Capacity utilization per manufacturing machine
  • We are continuously updating the application with more features published in close succession

Why did Camelot develop the Analyzer?

  • We want to support companies in these difficult times by providing adaptive innovative solutions to better analyze the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on logistics distribution
  • The analyzer is developed in order to provide an intuitive tool that can easily be tailored to customer needs
  • We love the concept of open innovation: If you have any feedback regarding the tool, please contact us via the contact form on this page. We are happy to incorporate your feedback

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