The SAP Data Intelligence User Group aims to enable knowledge exchange and discussions around SAP Data Intelligence with a particular focus on value cases and best practices. The group is a platform for experts, practitioners and decision-makers, who would like to explore the benefits and integration of SAP Data Intelligence in the complex enterprise IT landscape. The user group is the first of its kind. It is organized by Camelot ITLab, a pioneer for SAP Data Intelligence.

SAP Data Intelligence: Intelligent information management leveraged by enterprise AI

SAP Data Intelligence is a comprehensive cloud solution for extracting value from distributed data sources. It embraces open technologies and prepares the grounds for scaling machine learning/ AI models.

Various value cases can be realized by utilizing SAP Data Intelligence, like:

Intelligent business warehouses

SAP Data Intelligence is designed to connect a siloed big data world and to bring together structured and unstructured data. The combination of SAP Data Intelligence, SAP BW 4/HANA, and SAP Cloud Analytics enables an enterprise to integrate, manage and visualize the value potential of linked data sources.

Deployable data science and machine learning models

Create and deplay new machine learning (ML) models and trace their life-cycle to ensure enterprise integration. Define pipelines and extract insights from data sources to equip business users with accurate and timely information.


IoT ingestion and orchestration

Connect and organize your system landscape to enable holistic accessibility across streaming and batch data. Get insights into characteristics, profiles, and data models of data in connected systems.

Complex data orchestration to support business transformation initiatives

Business transformation initiatives require managed interfaces, open source integration, cloud & on-premise deployments, as well as third-party interfaces. SAP Data Intelligence provides an integration layer for data-driven processes across the enterprise to process and orchestrate data in the overall landscape.

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