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Seizing the opportunity to make value chains sustainable

As we are navigating through the corona crisis towards a new normal, many global supply chains need to be assessed and fundamentally transformed. Companies should use this reset as a window of opportunity for also transitioning their value chains towards climate-neutral and circular business models. Thus the current crisis can be a win-win, both for financial health and the sustainability footprint.

Climate-neutral becomes a must-win battle for leading value chains

As the economic impact of climate trends becomes more and more apparent, the focus of investors, politics and consumers on sustainability is rapidly intensifying. Many global companies have announced aspirational goals to move to carbon-neutral which need to be delivered in the next 5-10 years.

  • The internal and external value chain is the driving more than 80% of corporate CO2 emissions.
  • Climate-neutral becomes a strategic imperative.
  • However data on CO2 and energy footprint are insufficiently integrated in decision processes along the value chain.

Accelerating your journey towards becoming a sustainable value chain leader

Camelot can help you make transparent the CO2 impact of strategic, tactical, and operational decisions along the value chain, and effectively link ecology and economy.

  • Change starts with superior data and insights: the Camelot Carbon Footprint Analyzer provides operations managers with a concrete understanding of their CO2 footprint specific to their value chain activities.
  • The Camelot CO2 measure database provides access to the best possible climate actions for your industry, balancing CO2 impact with implications for the bottom-line.
  • What is your bold and affordable path to climate-neutral? We help you to explore different actions including acting smart and sustainable, circular use of input materials, shift to renewable primary energy sources, and use of innovative technologies.

Reducing CO2 with superior knowledge and insights

Our GreenMind2 offering is grounded in a deep understanding of industry value chains and solution capabilities to accelerate your path to climate-neutral.

  • Green Intelligence: reducing CO2 with superior knowledge and insights
  • Green Strategy: reinventing value chains with sustainability at the core
  • Green Solutions: accelerating sustainability success

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