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COVID-19 Logistics Recovery Assistance

Re-establishing stable logistics operations

Many logistics and supply chain setups of companies have been suffering turbulent times during the COVID-19 lockdown phase, caused by changed customer demands, increased volatility, political uncertainties, decreasing supplier performance, delivery constraints as well as capacity and labor shortages.

With our tailor-made Logistics Recovery Assistance service offering, Camelot offers companies hands-on support in quickly re-establishing stable logistics operations.

Quickly restabilizing your logistics operations

The COVID-19 lockdown phase has severely impacted logistics processes and capacity requirements:

  • Highly volatile demand patterns leading to changed transport and warehouse capacity needs
  • Pre-defined business rules and network not suitable anymore to deal with changed situation
  • Resources sick or occupied with emergency projects and firefighting
  • Need to quickly identify the right recovery measures and activities

Camelot’s Logistics Recovery Assistance helps to prioritize the right activities

Camelot supports clients in quickly assessing the impacts of the corona pandemic on the current logistics network and operations setup, understanding scenarios and requirements for the coming weeks as well as in identifying the necessary activities to restabilize the situation.

  • Structured assessment approach to quickly create common transparency on the current logistics situation
  • Scenario evaluation for sales and logistics capacity requirements for the coming weeks
  • Identification of gaps and required changes
  • Prioritization of required activities and quick-win actions
  • Actionable plan for the next steps and operational support, if required

Hands-on and fast support

Benefit from quick and pragmatic support with Camelot’s proven approach and logistics expertise:

  • Camelot Logistics Analyzer and Transparency Checklist to quickly analyze the current state of the network
  • Recovery checklist and best-practice database to quickly identify required activities
  • Logistics market and provider database to identify alternative suppliers and solutions, if required
  • Operational logistics support from Camelot logistics experts to stabilize the situation

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