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COVID-19: Weathering The Crisis

Insights and support to help you navigate uncertain times

The global COVID-19 pandemic – with all its social and economic implications – is hitting companies around the globe, putting their leaders in the position of fast decision-makers, visionary entrepreneurs, and innovators with high responsibility. We at Camelot are at your side. With insights, best practices, and tailor-made services, we want to offer straightforward guidance and pragmatic help in these uncertain times.

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How Camelot can help


100% Virtual Consulting & Project Delivery

From one day to the next, the corona pandemic required new ways of collaboration. What is a current necessity can sustainably transform collaboration and project execution in the future.


Camelot Demand Analyzer

Self-assessment tool that leverages data analytics to gain deep insights into your product portfolio.


COVID-19 Impact Analyzer for Logistics Distribution

COVID-19 regulations are highly impacting distribution, thereby significantly increasing the operational complexity. Our COVID-19 Impact Analyzer for Logistics Distribution is intended to support logistical decision making.


Camelot Resilience Stabilizer

In times of crisis, quick and reliable detection of weaknesses in the supply chain is essential for survival. Camelot brings together experienced supply chain consultants and new technologies to quickly identify hidden weak points in your supply chain.



Companies should use the corona crisis reset as a window of opportunity for also transitioning their value chains towards climate-neutral and circular business models.


COVID-19 Logistics Recovery Assistance

With our tailor-made Logistics Recovery Assistance service offering, Camelot offers companies hands-on support in quickly re-establishing stable logistics operations and managing the corona crisis.

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