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Camelot Trusted Computing Appliances

Securely processing private data with Blockchains

Our Trusted Computing Appliances, co-developed with DellEMC and Intel, bring more trust into Blockchain business scenarios by providing data protection for sensitive data.​

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​Confidential Computing: Data protection in decentralized business processes on blockchains

Many business use-cases require trusted processing of completely private and confidential data, known as confidential computing. Introducing a trustworthy process to data owned by a certain party is a paradigm shift in enterprise IT scenarios. Sensitive data no longer has to be provided to central platforms or 3rd parties. The data stays with the current owner while being used for cross-company processes such as supply-chain transparency. Camelot Trusted Computing Appliances, highly secured computing devices interconnected through a blockchain network by Camelot Hypertrust Platform, solve current challenges in IP protection and regulatory compliance in Pharma or Chemical industries.

Why Camelot Trusted Computing Appliances?

Process integrity for all parties​

By having consensus about the logic on private data, Trusted Computing Appliances and according governance bring more trust into regulatory or intellectual property involving scenarios.

​Maximum hardware based data protection​

Offering Intel SGX based and highly secure computing units, interconnected through blockchain networks.​

Off-Chain smart contracts​

Programs running in a Trusted Computing Appliance (so called „Trustlets“) can be seen as „off-chain smart contracts“ as they can be trusted just like a smart contract, without the need to distribute protected data in a blockchain network​.

Enterprise-ready integration​

Camelot Trusted Computing Appliances are based on Camelot Hypertrust Platform and therefore leverage the same enterprise-ready integration mechanisms.

Why Camelot

Camelot ITLab is leading provider of Enterprise Blockchain Solutions, offering strategy consulting and implementation services. Trusted Computing Appliances as part of the Camelot solution portfolio implement a fully decentralized architecture: independently working computing units, based on Intel SGX high security concepts, linking together to a network of mutually trusting satellites. Additional components realize an end-to-end chain of trust that can be leveraged in enterprise business scenarios, whenever private or sensitive data must be processed by other parties.​

Partnership with DellEMC and Intel​

Long-standing partnerships with DellEMC and Intel – learn more in our joint whitepaper and case study

Enterprise ready

Technology, uniquely developed for dedicated business needs of enterprises​

SAP co-innovation partnership​

Successfully realized blockchain use case implementations together with our co-innovation partner SAP – also presented on SAPPHIRE stages​

Proven Results

Reduction of information flow times in regulated scenarios from several months to just a few hours

Separating logic from central instances and moving it closer to the data to be processed

Combining Trusted Computing Environments (TEEs) with blockchain networks: a logical evolution in distributed systems


Why Confidential Computing?

Many known use cases for blockchains have contrary requirements: protecting private data on the one hand, but trustworthily processing it on the other hand. Putting private data on a blockchain network to process it with smart contracts is in many cases not an option, due to the level of sensitivty of the data. Camelot Trusted Computing Appliances solve this problem.​

What are use cases for Camelot Trusted Computing Appliances?

There are several use cases: regulatory scenarios, every use case touching private or sensitive data or any sort of intellectual property, GDPR compliance requirements in conjunction with blockchain networks.​

Who needs to run a Camelot Trusted Computing Appliance in an enterprise scenario?

Only those parties that own private data, but want to give a trustworthy answer to a question from other parties about the data, need to operate a Trusted Computing Appliance.

What are the benefits of Camelot Trusted Computing Appliances?

More efficiency and low TCOs: The reduced control effort, the lower number of switches and the resolution of data redundancies increase the efficiency of the processes in the blockchain network and reduce the total cost of ownership.​

More transparency and traceability: The distributed and public nature of the blockchain provides more transparency and a secure origin of the information distributed over the network.​

Better collaboration and leaner processes: The blockchain makes communication between the various participants in the business network safer, better and simpler. This reduces data redundancies, optimizes the flow of information, minimizes the number of intermediaries in the network and, last but not least, streamlines processes.

Is it possible to use Camelot Trusted Computing Appliances without blockchains?

Integration into an existing central data network is also possible using a public key infrastructure and secure data channels.​

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