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Camelot Hypertrust Platform

High Security Supply Chain Application Platform, powered by Blockchain​

Managing interoperability, performance, security and scalability of your international, multi-company supply chain is hard. Camelot Hypertrust Platform helps to keep those ever growing requirements in check.

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Solving today’s digital supply chain challenges with the aid of latest cloud technologies​

Camelot Hypertrust Platform enables companies to react instantly on dynamic business requirements by provisioning rapidly developed enterprise grade applications. Blockchain networks are a native part of the cloud platform and increase process security and trust into the involved data. Hypertrust based distributed applications integrate seamlessly into SAP backend systems or any cloud based service. Many customers in Pharma, Chemicals, Consumer Goods and Telco already benefit from these advantages in their processes.

Why Camelot Hypertrust Platform?

Distributed platform​

Distributed platform nodes enable international multi company scenarios, trustworthily integrated through blockchain networks.

DApp lifecycle management​

Hypertrust, originally built as blockchain platform, offers a dedicated and holistic lifecycle management approach for distributed applications (DApps).​

Enterprise ready & scalable​

Built on open and proven standards, supporting many different provisioning options, this rock solid platform can be scaled as per requirement.​

​Blockchain abstraction layer​

By abstracting the most proven blockchain technologies (e.g. Hyperledger Fabric, Quorum, Multichain and others), applications no longer have to care about the underlying blockchain type. They just re-use blockchain business functions.​

Why Camelot

Camelot ITLab combines technology knowledge, industry expertise and implementation capabilities to create end-to-end solutions and value. As experts for decentralization and distributed ledger technologies we are pioneers in the enterprise space, providing a quick time to value and technology and vendor agnostic solutions.

Camelot Hypertrust Platform implements a state-of-the-art microservices architecture. It offers all required features to run enterprise applications both in the cloud and on-premise, like oAuth based authentication, authorization objects, Rest based interfaces, support for a variety of databases and integration capabilities into SAP and further 3rd party systems. Scaling for performance and load can easily be achieved by choosing the Kubernetes deployment option. At the same time, it is ready to scale it‘s trustworthiness by fully distributing its instances and forming or joining blockchain networks.​

Use cases with Deutsche Telekom​

Camelot ITLab developed two widely recognized use cases together with Deutsche Telekom based on Camelot Hypertrust Platform, to fight global smartphone theft and to automate the accounting of digital services. ​

SAP co-innovation partnership​

Together with our co-innovation partner SAP, we‘ve already successfully implemented several blockchain use case realizations that have been publicly presented on SAPPHIRE stages. ​

Hypertrust Patient Data Care​

Hypertrust Patient Data Care, a member of the CAMELOT Consulting Group, successfully uses Camelot Hypertrust Platform to develop, provision and run healthcare applications for their customers in the pharma industry.​

Proven Results

Reduction of distributed application deployment times compared to manual approaches by 50%   

Average reduction of human interaction by 40% through smart contracts in enterprise scenarios

Reduced closed loop supply chain roundtrip times by 30%   


What is special about the Camelot Hypertrust Platform?​

It combines the capabilities of on-premise, cloud and distributed platforms and is thus well equipped to support decentralized processes across different technology paradigms.

Which databases are supported?

MongoDB, MySQL, SAP HANA and PostgreSQL

Which frontend technologies are supported?

SAPUI5/OpenUI5 and Angular.js

Which blockchains are supported?

Hyperledger Fabric, Multichain, Quorum, Ethereum (private networks) and Hyperledger Indy​

​Are there any examples for blockchain use-cases?

There are many enterprise blockchain use cases. To just name a few: sensor-driven track & trace to deliver real-time information on temperature sensitive products, “Uber-like” collaboration marketplaces for transportation management, international trade document exchange, and reporting of regulated compounds in production networks.

How high is the energy consumption for blockchains?​

Business blockchains used by Camelot Hypertrust Platform do not have the excessive energy consumptions heard on media. These are attributes of public blockchain networks mainly used for cryptocurrencies. These currencies require certain mechanisms which utilize a lot of electricity, not so with business blockchains.

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Further Services and Solutions


Camelot Trusted Computing Appliances

Our Trusted Computing Appliances, co-developed with DellEMC and Intel, bring more trust into Blockchain business scenarios by providing data protection for sensitive data.​


SAP Cloud Platform

Most companies will extend the SAP standard to improve the integration into internal processes. The SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) offers a private or public space to do the same for SAP cloud products.



Blockchain has moved on from the hype of Bitcoin and displays its potential in value chains where data security and authenticity are particularly important.


Andreas Göbel​

Head of Center of Digital Innovation Blockchain​

Andreas is a driving force behind the decentralization of processes and organizations. He combines many years of experience as an SAP solution architect with his vision of shaping the future of supply chain management – with the help of digital solutions.

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