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Raiffeisen Waren GmbH | Transport Management Supports Growth

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Best Practices for Successful SAP Transport Management (SAP TM)

Raiffeisen Waren GmbH is a trading company with 125 years of experience. This includes products, offers and services from the agricultural and agricultural machinery trade. The company is known for its customer focus, quality, consulting and service

Raiffeisen Success Story SAP Transport Management

Committed to remaining close to customers, this is important for its competitive edge. The company’s processes had developed over time in a way that made it impossible to automate and scale up dispatch and transport management processes to effective corporate growth and the upcoming digitalization. Also, non-standardized processes within the group were no longer fit for purpose with regards to dispatch processing.

In light of this, Raiffeisen began to reorganize its transport management system (TMS) in 2020, with the building materials division chosen for the first pilot. Camelot supported the client with defining and introducing standardized dispatch and transport processes for both outbound and inbound logistics. In addition to standardization, another important pillar was the automation of transport planning processes. The pilot project with the building materials division aimed at:

  • standardization of all transport processes
  • process optimization
  • transparency
  • future-proofing of TMS solution

Learn more about the sap transportation project Raiffeisen Waren GmbH in our client success story!

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