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Ranga Yogeshwar honors Camelot ITLab as innovation leader

Award for special innovative strength

Mannheim, 7/2/2018 – As a leading consulting firm for value chain digitalization, Camelot Innovative Technologies Lab (Camelot ITLab) was awarded the “TOP 100 Innovation Prize”. The company had previously taken part in a demanding scientific selection process. The innovation competition’s mentor, Ranga Yogeshwar, handed over the award as part of a festive ceremony in Ludwigsburg last Friday.

In the independent selection process, the digitalization specialist particularly impressed with its culture of innovation and the organization of its innovation processes. “Effective organization of innovation processes is not done on a whim, it’s a necessity,” says Steffen Joswig, Managing Director at Camelot ITLab. An important component of innovation management at Camelot are the centers of digital innovation which dedicate themselves to cross-departmental interdisciplinary innovation matters. “This is where technological competence meets specific application cases, and the process expert meets the innovation expert,” says Steffen Joswig, explaining the approach.

The constantly increasing number of innovative concepts and solutions which Camelot is developing with Digital EXPERIENCE² for customers shows that the innovation strategy is thriving. The unique product and service portfolio of Digital EXPERIENCE² facilitates the identification and implementation of individual digital use cases in less than four weeks. Based on SAP Leonardo foundation technologies, it helps customers to experience and accelerate the potential return on investment of new digital technologies.

Blockchain pioneer

When it comes to the megatrend of blockchain, Camelot is offering not just theoretical concepts but, above all, practically tested blockchain applications for various industries and business processes. The latest blockchain innovation by Camelot is Hypertrust X-Chain, a patient-centered blockchain application for data security in innovative cancer therapies. With the Trusted Computing Appliances, Camelot is also offering a solution to the data protection problem in blockchain.

Another innovation example is the first chatbot for master data management which increases productivity in master data management and guarantees a completely new user experience. In the field of logistics, too, Camelot is working on various initiatives for using new innovative technologies. An example is the integration of a neuronal network algorithm in SAP transportation management. This solution helps to better predict loading requirements and reduce transport costs. In the field of Supply Chain Management, Camelot is a pioneer and innovator for the implementation of the revolutionary new approach “Demand-Driven Supply Chain Management” in SAP-based solutions.

As the only competition in Germany, TOP 100 highlights the innovative strength of a company from different viewpoints. It does not just focus on individual inventions but the processes and the company culture which have enabled these innovations to take place in the first place. Scientific lead at TOP 100 is Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke from the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Vienna University of Economics and Business.


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