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Henkel Adhesive Technologies uses SAP-based solution Camelot LEAN Suite to reduce inventory holding costs

Mannheim, Düsseldorf 07/10/2018 – Camelot Innovative Technologies Lab (Camelot ITLab) and Henkel Adhesive Technologies announce the successful implementation of an integrated inventory optimization solution based on the SAP Add-on “Camelot LEAN Suite” for optimized inventory management in Henkel’s production and distribution network.

To reduce costs by automatically calculating optimal inventory levels, Henkel Adhesive Technologies implemented the module “Stock Parameter Optimization (SPO)” of the “Camelot LEAN Suite – Demand-Driven Supply & Inventory Planning” solution. This software component is specially designed to extend SAP SCM with the functionality for efficient inventory management. To master variability and complexity in inventory management the solution supports different techniques like advanced safety stock optimization and considers all sources of variability for the calculation of optimized stock parameters.

The deployment of the software was part of a global project for establishing an integrated SAP-based supply chain planning platform for a highly efficient, parameter-driven supply chain planning. It also helps the company to reduce working capital and shorten customer lead times due to Camelot LEAN Suite’s seamless integration with the existing SAP system landscape.

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