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Demand-Driven Production Scheduling: The only SAP technology-based solution certified by the Demand Driven Institute now available

Camelot ITLab again shows leadership for Demand-Driven Planning in end-to-end supply chains and production on S/4HANA and SAP IBP

 Mannheim, 10/08/2019 – Camelot Innovative Technologies Lab (Camelot ITLab) has achieved a new level of certification for the Camelot Demand-Driven LEAN Planning Suite, as the Demand Driven Institute today confirmed full compliance with the Demand-Driven Operating Model (DDOM). This extends the software’s scope of certification for Demand-Driven Network Planning & Replenishment by Demand-Driven Production Planning & Scheduling functionalities based on DDMRP principles. The Camelot LEAN Suite is the very first and only SAP technology-based solution to successfully pass this bar. This is another milestone in the commitment of Camelot ITLab towards realization of the Demand-Driven Adaptive Enterprise model.     


The Camelot Demand-Driven LEAN Planning Suite is a next-generation supply chain planning solution enabling variability management with innovative production and inventory planning concepts. In 2016, it became the first SAP software-based solution to be certified by the Demand Driven Institute for DDMRP compliance. Now, in 2019, it is again the first and only SAP technology-based solution to take the next level of compliance by offering the full scope of the Demand-Driven Operating Model (DDOM), including Demand-Driven Production Scheduling capabilities.

The Demand-Driven Operating Model utilizes actual Pull-demand in combination with strategic decoupling and control points as well as buffers in order to create robust and agile production plans and schedules. This is of increasing importance in ever more volatile business environments.

“Our global partnership with Camelot ITLab goes back many years” says Carol Ptak, Co-Founder of the Demand Driven Institute. “We are very pleased to see them taking the next milestone, being a true digital frontrunner. The Camelot Demand-Driven LEAN Planning Suite is the first SAP technology-based solution to receive full certification for the Demand-Driven Operating Model by the Demand Driven Institute.

Steffen Joswig, Managing Partner at Camelot ITLab, adds: “The future of production planning and scheduling in today’s VUCA-world is Demand-Driven. We constantly develop new pull capabilities for our clients to actively master the increasing volatility and uncertainty. Therefore, we aim in first place for stability in manufacturing and supply networks, to increase in consequence operational efficiency, reduce lead times and achieve higher levels of responsiveness. Substantial cost savings is then a secondary consequence, and the integrated End-2-End Supply Chain becomes more agile and resilient too. The new certification again proves our innovation leadership in the field of Demand-Driven transformation.”

The Camelot Demand-Driven LEAN Planning Suite integrates with all SAP solution platforms, for example SAP APO, S/4HANA and SAP IBP. The DDMRP module within SAP IBP – SAP Integrated Business Planning for Demand-Driven Replenishment – co-developed by SAP and Camelot ITLab earlier this year, seamlessly integrates as well.

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