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Camelot ITLab presents chatbot for SAP MDG at the 2018 SAPPHIRE NOW

Live demo of the first machine learning application for master data management at booth 1419A

Mannheim, Orlando, May 09, 2018 – Camelot Innovative Technologies Lab (Camelot ITLab) will present the first chatbot for the daily maintenance of master data in SAP Master Data Governance (MDG) at this year’s SAPPHIRE NOW, the world’s largest SAP conference and customer fair, taking place from June 5–7, 2018. In a series of live demonstrations at booth 1419A and in conference room PC73, visitors can test the personal assistant and experience artificial intelligence for master data management.

The chatbot application is based on machine learning (ML) and is integrated in SAP MDG, SAP’s standard software solution for managing master data. One of the chatbot’s benefits is its intuitive design, based on IBM’s Watson Conversation Services and SAP Fiori applications. The personal assistant saves users a great many clicks, and guarantees a completely new user experience, for instance when creating new materials.

“Master data management is one of Camelot’s areas of core expertise. With innovative solutions that we develop in our Centers of Digital Innovation, we are constantly creating value for our customers. The chatbot for SAP MDG is just one example that I am very proud of,” said Steffen Joswig, Managing Partner of Camelot ITLab.

The chatbot resulted from the first cycle of innovation from the “Global Community for Artificial Intelligence in Master Data Management”, an initiative founded by the CAMELOT group. It is an open community that connects leading MDM and AI thought leaders from research and practice, thereby promoting discussion and the targeted transfer of knowledge. Requests to participate are fielded at www.ai-mdm.com.

SAPPHIRE NOW is the world’s largest SAP conference and customer fair. It will take place from June 5–7, 2018 in Orlando, Florida (USA). In addition to the chatbot for master data management, Camelot will be presenting other innovative IT solutions and concepts, especially in the area of Demand-Driven Supply Chain Management, blockchain, and artificial intelligence.

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