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CAMELOT Consulting Group Enters the New Year Climate Neutral

Successful certification drives decarbonization strategy forward

Mannheim, December 16, 2021 – CAMELOT Consulting Group, consulting specialist for integrated value chain management, has reached an important milestone in the implementation of its climate protection goals: The company today announced its official certification as a “climate neutral company” by South Pole, one of the industry’s leading partners for climate protection projects. The globally recognized certification is part of CAMELOT’s decarbonization strategy to reduce over 50% of CO2 emissions by 2026 and to fully offset all unavoidable emissions.

Certification as a climate neutral company was achieved as part of an extensive process for the base year 2019. On the one hand, it includes the validation of the CO2 footprint and its compensation for the entire company based on the international standard “Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol”. In addition, the planned decarbonization measures up to 2026 were verified.

“The official confirmation of our carbon footprint is an important basis for us to work systematically on reducing our emissions. We don’t just want to compensate, we want to consciously reduce our carbon dioxide consumption and thus make an effective and sustainable contribution to climate protection,” comments Jorma Gall, member of the Executive Board at CAMELOT.

Focused CO2 reduction

For CAMELOT as a consulting company, travel and commuting are the biggest drivers of emissions. The changes in working practices brought about by the Corona pandemic have already led to a respective reduction in this area. In addition, targeted measures have been introduced that directly reduce CO2 emissions or support climate-friendly behavior. Examples include the complete elimination of short-haul flights, the introduction of a mobile workplace concept, and the conversion of the company car fleet to hybrid and e-vehicles.

Offsetting non-avoidable emissions

Emissions that cannot be avoided are fully offset by supporting global renewable energy projects and Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) or Gold Standard innovations. These are projects in which fossil fuels for energy generation are replaced, for example, by the construction and commissioning of new photovoltaic or wind energy plants. A particular focus is on projects in India, where CAMELOT’s international office with the largest workforce is located. The projects supported also contribute to other UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by helping to improve standards of living and educational opportunities in local communities.

“With the continuous collection, reduction and offsetting of our CO2 emissions, we want to learn and keep improving. Green thinking and action should run through all areas of our company and sustainability reporting should become the standard alongside financial reporting,” says Jorma Gall, confirming future plans for climate protection at CAMELOT.

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