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Camelot and Caritas cycle for a good cause

Camelot ITLab partners with the Caritas international team for the “Schauinslandkönig 2018” hill climb time trial.

Mannheim, Freiburg, July 12th, 2018 – Camelot Innovative Technologies Lab (Camelot ITLab) is supporting the riders of the Caritas international team in this year’s Freiburg “Schauinslandkönig” on July 15th, 2018. By taking part in the hill climb time trial, the aid agency’s cycling team is drawing attention to the situation of disadvantaged children and young people in Eastern Europe.

In the context of its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, Camelot has long been committed to supporting disadvantaged people and education. “We take our social responsibility as a company very seriously. It ranges from small things like Fairtrade coffee and organic milk in our offices, to the wide-ranging financial support of social institutions and projects,” says Steffen Joswig, Managing Partner at Camelot ITLab, commenting on the social commitment of his company.

The involvement of Caritas international and the local partners in the project countries delivers some important basic skills to disadvantaged children and young people. The aim is to strengthen and enable them so that they can cope with their lives independently and overcome possible problems or stresses by their own efforts. Along with emotional and psychological support, education also plays a particularly important role. With its involvement as a partner to the Caritas team for the “Schauinslandkönig 2018”, Camelot is assisting Caritas to fill educational gaps by means of individual support. In addition to regular schooling, Caritas employees support children and young people in the form of homework assistance, extra lessons and remedial courses, depending on their requirements.

Donations will be gratefully received at www.caritas-international.de/schauinslandkoenig.

Freiburg’s “Schauinslandkönig 2018” is Germany’s biggest hill climb time trial for all comers. It will be held on Sunday, July 15th, 2018, on Freiburg’s own mountain, the “Schauinsland”.

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