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A Tree for Every New Employee

Camelot is Growing and Supporting Climate Protection

Mannheim, 05/03/2021 – Climate change and the social consequences of globalization show that we are all called upon to take responsibility by adopting a sustainable lifestyle. With Agenda 2030, the United Nations is for the first time obliging every country and every member of society to take action. One thing is certain: sustainability is made by people. That is why Camelot plants a tree for every new employee.

The special thing about the campaign is: it was initiated jointly by employees from different departments. This shows how firmly the topic of sustainability is already rooted among the Camelots. Kathleen Landenberger, CSR representative at CAMELOT Consulting Group, together with two colleagues finally put the idea into practice and is enthusiastic about the steadily growing interest of employees in social responsibility. She explains, “New hires are often used to being inundated with merchandise from their new company. However, does it really need another promotional item that then gets forgotten in the drawer with a hundred others?” She is therefore pleased that new employees are welcomed with a sustainable and long-lasting “give-away”.

The trees donated by Camelot are planted by a foundation to support reforestation in German communities. Besides the contribution to the protection of the forests, the tree donation also has a symbolic meaning. The newcomers receive a personalized certificate of the tree planted for them, with its roots representing the close bond and strong team spirit at Camelot. “Even if planting trees alone will not solve the climate crisis, with every new colleague we as a company can set a statement against climate change and for environmental protection”, Landenberger says.

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