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Camelot Segment & Strategize

Data-driven decisions from Exploration to Operation​

The operational management of big Supply Chains involves a lot of repetitive decisions. Why can't a computer do this? With Camelot Segment & Strategize, it can!​

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Our goal: Business Process Automation

In a modern value chain, countless operational, data-driven decisions are made every day. But data changes faster than humans can react. Camelot Segment & Strategize helps companies to automate, monitor, and improve these decisions – using a powerful and highly customizable segmentation engine. Be ready for the next level of business process automation.​

Why Camelot Segment & Strategize?


Use an unlimited amount of segmentation criteria and segments to fully match process-specific requirements.

Segmentation jobs​

Schedule fully configured segmentation scenarios for automatic execution and full system integration to be run as often as required.​

Advanced criteria​

Enrich data with pre-delivered and custom calculation modules, leveraging predictive and AI capabilities.​


Use machine learning both in segmentation and strategy assignment to make intelligent decisions based on AI.​

Why Camelot

The core concept of Supply Chain parameterization based on Segmentation has been applied by our consultants for decades. Camelot Segment & Strategize is the result of this long-lasting experience and large range of customers and perspectives.

Domain-specific knowledge​

With experts across the whole value chain, we offer both the functional and technical know-how to jumpstart the journey to automation.​

Innovation focus​

Our solutions benefit from our focus on innovation, such as data science, advanced analytics, and business-ready and scalable public cloud solutions.​

Our vision​

All Camelot solutions are core elements towards our long-term vision: Achieving a self-driving supply chain. ​


Which system landscape is required in order to use Segment & Strategize?​

Segment & Strategize is designed to work with various systems both on premise and in the cloud. It requires OData interfaces to communicate both with source and target systems. If your system doesn’t support OData or in case of complex scenarios involving data from multiple sources at the same time, a middleware solution is used.​

Which deployment options exist for running Segment & Strategize?​

Segment & Strategize is only available as a public cloud solution. It is hosted and administered by Camelot, and runs in the Cloud Foundry environment within the SAP Cloud Platform. This ensures state-of-the-art user management, security, stability, and availability.​

How does Camelot charge for using Segment & Strategize?​

Segment & Strategize is offered in a subscription model with a monthly license fee. The fee involves three components: A monthly basis fee, a fee for used storage space, and a fee per successful segmentation run. Contact us to learn more about the Segment & Strategize subscription model.​

Does Segment & Strategize offer artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities?​

There are two ways to leverage AI in Segment & Strategize: It can be used to determine smart segmentation criteria, for instance by applying machine learning to achieve a higher accuracy of forecasts. It is also possible to apply AI in the strategy assignment process, for instance by applying a simulation model on the segmentation results to optimize Supply Chain parameters. Segment & Strategize offers both predefined scenarios and support for custom algorithms.​

How does Segment & Strategize relate to other products from Camelot?​

Segment & Strategize is a microservice that aims to extend enterprise IT systems. This includes Camelot products such as the Camelot Demand-Driven LEAN Planning Suite. We offer a deep integration of Segment & Strategize into these solutions in the form of predefined profiles, but are in no way limited to them.​

How are feature upgrades or updates distributed to customers?​

We are continuously extending our solutions with new functionalities that are published every four months. Bugfixes are released in patches every four weeks. Customers are informed about the included changes. Both updates and upgrades don’t require application downtime.​

What is business process automation (BPA)?​

Business process automation is aiming to automate operational decisions that previously required human interaction to improve the overall efficiency. This concept includes other terms such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) or Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) which highlight the use of UI-based scripts and/or Machine Learning to achieve this. Camelot Segment & Strategize is best described as a business process automation tool.​

How can segmentation help to automate processes?​

Automating processes means to derive decisions based on relevant, operational data. This results in a set of rules, which can include anything from simple if-this-then-that logic to formulas or even machine learning algorithms. Camelot Segment & Strategize utilizes meaningful segmentation criteria to reduce the complexity of these rules and to allow for user-defined exceptions.​

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Camelot’s Segment & Strategize experts ensure that your systems are running smoothly at all times and support your business with the technical guidance needed. Customers can reach out to our support team via our integrated ticket system.

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Frank Arnold

Vice President Sales Supply Chain Management

With his more than 20 years of experience in SCM as well as the enterprise applications and SAP market, he leads the field of agile, digital and Demand-Driven Supply Chain Management at Camelot ITLab.

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