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Camelot Supply Chain Avatar

Grow your business value and shape the future of your Supply Chain

Experience automated self-balanced smart decision making – providing faster, more reliable and accurate end-to-end Supply Chain planning.

The Camelot Avatar generates sustainable competitive advantage, improving your Supply Chain resilience by providing KPI based decision-making, built on complex scenario and risk simulation. 

It seamlessly integrates in today’s Supply Chain landscape, providing flexibility and scalability for end-to-end planning and Supply Chain performance management.

Deliver competitive advantage with design-driven planning and higher resilience

The Camelot Supply Chain Avatar is the Digital Twin for design-driven planning. It supports Demand-Driven resilient planning and the full Demand-Driven Operating Model (DDOM) in combination with tools like SAP IBP.

The solution provides horizontally and vertically integrated end-to-end planning, leveraging tight end-2-end integration as well as confidential computing to secure control of value chains across enterprise boundaries for highest efficiency. 

The integration to the relevant System of Records and Systems of Differentiation is natively near real-time and comes with predefined mappings for the majority of the use cases.

Integrated Demand-Driven Planning

DDMRP Heuristics

  • One-step planning for DDMRP and MRP logic across the end-to-end Supply Chain providing the visibility of DDMRP priorities even on non-decoupled stages
  • Full product lifecycle management empowered by a Phase-in/Phase-out (PIPO) solution, supporting all relevant DDMRP principles and still giving the possibility to dynamically adjust the DDMRP buffers

Advanced compatible features:

  • Aggregated planning on product groups or substitutable materials
  • Shelf life integration and planning
  • DDMRP push projection outside DLT (Decoupled Lead Time) to generate a capacity utilization preview

Demand-Driven Scheduling

  • Demand-Driven enabled Rhythm Wheel planning, that provides:
    Reacting on real demand with the right buffers and stabilizing the whole Supply Chain
  • Demand-Driven Scheduling solution, that not only provides a Buffer Priority to every production order, but also generates an automated production schedule based on the priority

Advanced levelling capabilities such as:

  • Levelling by Buffer Status Priority
  • Capacity levelling to alternative lines
  • Time levelling in defined boundaries

Demand-Driven Supply Propagation

  • Re-alignment of existing supply elements to synchronize and steer material flow between decoupling points to be able to evaluate the actual supply capabilities depending on the current production plan
  • Determination of order priority status based on buffer levels to support Demand-Driven production scheduling decisions for feeding an automated Demand-Driven Scheduling solution

Advanced compatible features:

  • Fair share rule based on the buffer priority of the target locations
  • Multi-source and multi-target scenarios support
  • Push- and Pull-based Supply Propagation provide control over the inventory holding location

Reducing Supply Chain Risk

Cause and effects

Identify causes to a central impact, failure or probability

Structural Analysis

Identify vulnerable parts in the network structure of your organization

Uncertainty assessment

Improve knowledge of uncertainty & identify probabilities, uncertain ranges & time series

Process dynamics

Identify hidden weaknesses, unknown interactions & your network’s time-to-sustain

Resilient decision making

Determine how to prevent & prepare for the unexpected & ramp-up after a crisis

Smart decision making powered by Machine Learning and AI

Empowered by ML-algorithms, the Avatar Analyzer Toolkit allows enterprises to drive descriptive, predictive and prescriptive performance analyses in depth and in real-time. With its plug-and-play dashboards, the Avatar provides all relevant metrics in the right granularity and dimensions that are critical for decision making.

Leverage our ML-framework to build own innovations tightly integrated into the Supply Chain Avatar.

Camelot Margin Analyzer

Camelot Rhythm Wheel

Camelot Inventory

Camelot Logistics Analyzer

Camelot COVID Analyzer

Scenario Management and
Simulation Engine

The Avatar Simulation Engine allows you to:

  • Automate decision making with KPI- and design-driven scenario management 
  • Optimize your exception handling with advanced what-if analysis enabled by smart alerts as part of the scenario management
  • Empower your users with an easy to use simulation engine to calculate ad-hoc scenarios throughout the complete Supply Chain
  • Ensure the best possible supply- or production plan as well as the optimal inventory positions through scenario-based one-click optimizer engines

Hybrid data model enabling agile and efficient Supply Chain planning

Hybrid data model

Covering all planning needs

  • Our in-memory hybrid data model combines a graph model with a generic data model to accommodate different paces in planning.
  • The graph data model provides high performance and simulation capabilities enabling resilient planning.
  • The generic data model enables maximum adoptability to your future planning and innovation needs.

Customized user experience for high-performance planning

  • The Supply Chain Avatar graph model provides the foundation of the Supply Chain Digital Twin enabling high-performance planning.
  • The HTML5 based responsive UI allows planners to customize their user experience to their role and needs using fully configurable aggregates and use case specific dimensions.
  • A tight integration with collaboration tools like MS Teams reduces the overhead for planners by enabling seamless cross-system interaction.

Why Camelot

We unite the power of Systems of Differentiation and Systems of Intelligence to create a scalable platform for advanced enterprise planning and analytics. The Camelot Supply Chain Avatar provides decision makers with the relevant insights to build resilient Supply Chains and master today’s VUCA world that is shaped by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.

Supply Chain Excellence

Camelot is a leading provider of Supply Chain services and solutions across industries for more than 25 years.

Innovation Focus

Our solutions benefit from our focus on innovation in data science, advanced analytics, and business-ready, scalable public cloud solutions.​

Our Vision

The Camelot Supply Chain Avatar builds the core towards our long-term vision: the self-driving supply chain. ​

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