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SAP DS (Data Services)

What are SAP DS (Data Services) good for? The aim SAP is pursuing with its SAP DS product is optimize and improve your data quality with the aid of simple and efficient data integration options. As an ETL (extract, transform, load) tool, SAP DS (former SAP BODS) lets you extract data from numerous system- and manufacturer-independent sources. Using the SAP DS’ native "data profiling" functions allows you to analyze the existing quality of your data in advance, and in the process identify and assess problems.

The quality and integrity of your data is crucial for the quality of information and the confidence you can have in your decisions. SAP DS helps you integrate your company-wide fragmented data and improve your data quality.

How does SAP DS optimize your data integration and improve your data quality?

As an ETL tool (extract, transform, load), SAP DS allows you to extract data from numerous sources, regardless of the respective systems and providers. The integrated “data profiling” functions help you analyze the quality of your existing data in advance, allowing you to identify and analyze problems.

How does SAP DS operate?

You harmonize your data during the transformation phase, eliminate duplicates, standardize and validate, and enrich it with supplementary information. This ensures that only valid data according to predefined rules is transported into your target systems. With the help of process auditing, you can also establish when a data transfer is to be considered successful or not – beyond atomic validation rules. Integrated metadata management supports detailed tracing of precisely how the value in a target field was generated by your transformation process (lineage analysis) and what the effects of changes would be (impact analysis).

Distinguishing features of SAP DS (Data Services) include its outstanding performance and intuitive operation. All integration and data quality processes are developed and managed in a single interface, the “Data Services Designer". Centralizing functions reduce development and maintenance effort. A uniform web interface that is separate from the development environment, the “Data Services Management Console”, is used for operation and administration.

Data profiling, data integration and the improvement of data quality are key objectives when implementing an enterprise information management (EIM) initiative. Here SAP DS (former SAP BODS) serves as an initial and ongoing “data quality gateway” for your data. Whether you have problems with duplicate customer records in your ERP system, want to validate incoming material data depending on values, or want to load data from your CRM system and various Excel sheets into a data warehouse after cleansing it, DS supports you with all types of data integration and data quality tasks right from the outset. Especially in conjunction with data warehouse and master data management solutions, it makes an important contribution towards the effectiveness and efficiency of you EIM.



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